lundi 2 avril 2018

Universalis : English presentation (2nd Napoleonic Empire and feodal Japan)

Good morning every one ! And Happy easter !

I am writting this article to present the ruleset I am working on. There is already a french overview of the concept of the rules.

The Universalis ruleset aims to allow you to recreate the battles from the ancient world to the start of the XXth century (1914).

Why an unique ruleset ?
In the club I am playing every friday night, we are keen of playing lots of different periods and ruleset. We are all wargaming addict and as a result we can't focus on few games, therefore we do not manage to master any rules we are playing and we can't dwelve enough in each periods to try all the options allowed by one game/periods. Thus I have decided to work on an simple ruleset that would allowed strategical options and that one could master and use with any periods and any scale.

What are the differences between these rules and the other ones on the market ?
First of all, as you have understood, these rules aim to be universals. The battle rules have been kept simple and fast play to allow multiple games on a single night. The second point the ruleset wants to focus on is the asymetrical armies that could fight. The balance of the game is dealt with the strategic points. These are given to the smaller army and allow to get stratagems, defensive scenarios and heros to help your units in the heat of the battle.

What are the extensions I am currently working on ?
The first extension is Tokugawa Ieyasu, to refight the famous battle of feodal Japan. We have entered the an extensive session of playtest to ensure that the extension and the army lists are balanced.
I am working at the same time on Mac Mahon, to cover the european wars of the second part of the XIXth century (The italian war, the Austro-prussian war and the frenco-prussian war). The first lists have been written and need to be playtest.
I have planned to work afterwards on the medieval Wars of the XV-early XVIth century, the ACW, the roman empire...

Where I will be able to get the rules ?
The rules are still in beta. But with the tests that are carried on, alterations are smaller and smaller. The second step will be the translation in English of the core ruleset.
The rules will be available on Wargame Vault in pdf format at a low pricetag (~5$) and printed in the A5 format for around 10$.

Help needed !
I have an extensive need for playtesters and furthermore I need some help for the translation.

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